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Learn How to Recognize a Gas Leak

If you suspect a gas leak, please call 911 or your gas company immediately.

Use your senses to detect if any signs of a gas leak are present. You must not rely only on your sense of smell to recognize a leak. In addition to your sense of smell being easily compromised by illness, allergies, and alcohol and drug intake, the smell of gas can be masked by other odors, pipe and soil conditions, and odor fatigue.


Do you smell a sulfur, rotten egg-like odor?


Do you hear the sounds of a leak: hissing, roaring, or whistling?


Do you see signs of a leak such as a gas appliance that is disconnected, dirt or water in the air, dead vegetation around an otherwise thriving area, fire, or a bubbling source of water?

If you answered yes to these questions and suspect a leak:

  • DO evacuate the area and alert others to leave. Find an area upwind.
  • DO, once clear of the area, call 911 or your gas company
  • DO NOT use anything that could ignite the gas until you’ve evacuated the area
  • DO NOT use your cell phone
  • DO NOT light any matches, cigarettes, candles, etc.
  • DO NOT use a flashlight
  • DO NOT use any electrical appliances. Turning appliances or lights on/off can cause a spark.
  • DO NOT operate any motorized equipment or vehicles. Turning the equipment or your vehicle on/off can cause a spark.

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